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Prior to water instruction, divers must complete Knowledge Development. Upon receipt of payment for the PADI Open Water Diver course, Scuba Bruce Diving will provide the student with a textbook and other written materials for the course. Students then read the textbook and fill out copies of the Knowledge Reviews found at the end of each chapter in the book.

Students also watch the Open Water Diver DVD video, which is loaned to the diver by Scuba Bruce Diving. Students then meet for a classroom session where the Knowledge Reviews are discussed and student then take a series of simple multiple choice written exams to verify a student's understanding of the basic scuba concepts.

Or if a diver prefers, divers can purchase for an additional cost direct from eLearning for the Open Water Diver course. This provides students Internet online study which allows study to occur anytime 24 hours a day. No classroom session with Scuba Bruce Diving is required. Divers simply complete the eLearning with PADI and then provide a hard copy of the completion certificate to Scuba Bruce Diving prior to the beginning of water training.

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WATER INSTRUCTION: Water instruction is comprised of Confined Water sessions and four Open Water Dives. Confined Water sessions usually taught at a swimming pool. Note that the pool may be family owned provided it has a diving board depth and meets certain confined water standards. Confined water can be conducted in one single 4-1/2 to five hour session.

Open Water Dives follow and are usually taught at a local lake or scuba park. Up to three Open Water dives per day are allowed. Done on a weekend, Scuba Bruce Diving usually suggests two dives per day. Typical scenarios include a Friday afternoon with completion Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon with completion Sunday morning, These are sample scenarios. Actual scenarios depend upon schedules of the students and instructor.

EQUIPMENT: Provided at no charge for all Open Water Diver classes is the use of a scuba unit (tank, regulator, BCD, and weights), or students may provide their own equipment. For hygiene reasons, students must provide personal items such as a mask, fins, boots, and snorkel. It is also recommended that divers obtain a three mil or thicker wetsuit for most Texas diving locations.

REQUIREMENTS: Divers must be at least ten years old. Youth 10-14 years of age earn the Junior Open Water Diver Certification. All divers must demonstrate that they can comfortably maintain themselves in water too deep in which to stand by completing a 10-minute swim/float without using any swim aids. Divers must also complete a 200 meter/yard continuous surface swim or a 300 meter/yard swim with mask, fins and snorkel. 

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The following forms must be properly filled out and in the possession of Scuba Instructor Bruce Chadwick before any water activitiy can occur. Electronic copies of these forms are provided to each student after payment is rendered.

Record Form (10058)
Medical Statement (10063)
Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (10072)
Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding (10060)
Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Equipment Rental Agreement (10087)


There are no hidden fees for instructional courses. However divers are responsible for their own transportation to/from all dive and instructional activities, and for paying scuba park fees directly to the scuba park (if any) for the Open Water part of their training.