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Bruce Chadwick's

Scuba Bruce Diving

Private Scuba Instruction
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Diving is Only a Breath Away!

What does 99 percent of the world's population have in common? They will never get to see the incredible wonders and majestic beauty of our world's reefs and aquatic wildlife. Oh sure, they might be able to snorkel down for a moment, or perhaps view this magnificent world through a glass bottomed boat. However nothing will ever compare to being able to breathe underwater, experience weightlessness, and view it all at your leisure.

With modern scuba equipment and competent scuba lessons, you too can become certified as a Open Water Diver in a matter of days. It only takes a couple of weekends to learn the fundamentals.

The three phases of learning include Knowledge Development through classroom study to learn the basic principles of scuba diving. Confined Water Training (usually done in a local swimming pool) and a few Open Water Dives follow (usually done at a local lake or scuba park). After that, the world of recreational scuba diving is all yours!

Want to learn more? After becoming an Open Water Diver, PADI Instructor Bruce Chadwick and fellow Instructors of Scuba Bruce Diving can help you progress through additional training including Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, and even the professional level of Divemaster. We provide some of the best Texas private scuba lessons for the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Call us today for more details and to discuss you underwater future!

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